Reviews & Uptime

From the beginning, our aim at Eco Web Hosting was to provide cost effective, reliable and carbon neutral hosting with fast and friendly service. We strive to live up to that aim every day, and we like to think that the glowing reviews below are testament to that.

Our reviews and uptime are independently monitored at, and we currently have a perfect 5 Star Rating, and 99.98% uptime.

Our Uptime — Currently 99.98%

The 'uptime' of a website is the percentage of time it is available to users and search engines. It is crucial that you pick a host which has an uptime of at least 99.9% or you have a large chance of your site being considered inaccessible by search engine bots.

Our (verified) uptime is 99.98%.

Customer Reviews

The reviews below are completely genuine, and are all from customers who are still hosting with us. We can arrange for you to contact one of our clients if you wish, but please ask us first to avoid them being inundated!

"When you're starting up a new business as I am (Hull Computers Ltd), you need all the help and support you can get, especially when setting up a reseller account for the first time. I had considered using one of the more well known hosting companies, but there prices soon add on to your overheads as a small company. I found Eco Web Hosting offered everything I needed at a great price - surely the customer service must be poor? How wrong you would be to assume so! Over the last few weeks I have needed to contact Eco Web Hosting a number of times to help me set things up, and everytime I've received a response quickly and answering all my questions fully. My level of PC knowledge is very good, and I thought I wouldn't use any customer service - but I have and I'm glad Rob was on hand to help me. So far the uptime has been excellent, none of my clients have reported any problems and have all been more than happy with the features available. I would recommend Eco Web Hosting to anyone looking for value priced web hosting with Fantastic customer service. "

"Responses to queries have always been timely and extremely helpful. My dealings with Rob have, without exception, been a pleasure. Many thanks for your help and good humour. "

"i have had a hosting account with in the past and again now. the first time it was the first account i had with any hosting company so i had no way of gauging quality of service in any context, be it support, reliability or otherwise. i now do, and i can say with honesty that they are quite simply, in Mho, outstanding. i would not hesitate to recommend them and cannot see me using any other host - period!"

"We are a barristers' chambers. Eco Web Hosting provided us with a beautiful, very functional website that more than holds its own in the competitive field of legal websites and is extremely well regarded by our readers. Eco Web Hosting were most flexible throughout in responding to our requests for changes to be made and had a number of excellent ideas themselves. Their help in enabling a group of barristers with fairly mixed computer skills to upload material onto the website was excellent. The price was very good value indeed and the on-going hand-holding greatly appreciated. In short, if anyone else is thinking about getting professional help in setting up a blog or website, I would whole-heartedly and very strongly recomend Eco Web Hosting and am very happy to write this review. My chambers is quite likely to want to set up one or more similar websites in future, dealing with different areas of our work and there is no doubt whatsoever we will return to Eco Web Hosting for that. "

"I have used Eco Web Hosting for 2 years now because of their environmental credentials. The service, in comparison with other hosting companies I have used, has been outstanding. Email support is easily accessible and replies have always been very quick, friendly and helpful. It is really nice to be able to deal with an actual human being and not be kept holding on a phone for hours! Have experienced no problems whatsoever with the products or services - definitely recommended!"

"We found Eco Web Hosting's service to be professional and their design and project services exceptional. We were new to the web design, build, deployment and hosting process, but Eco Web Hosting made it easy for us and helped us every step of the way. Would highly recommend to other users."

"Eco web Hosting is the perfect hosting i have ever used, no breakdown and their system is superior. customer attention and service comes first. I was drilled by the higest level of attention and urgency offered to me by Rob of Eco Hosting, something i have never seen from any hosting company before. Eco Hosting is my hosting company forever and please come and sign up with Eco for the best service where customers need are met within a shortest time. "

"As a new web design firm I was looking for a good deal. The advanced package is excellent value for money to start with - the reseller package is the best. Their green credentials are an added bonus and will be just what some of my clients are looking for."

"I have been very happy with the Eco Web Hosting. The cost of the hosting was very low and the hosting speed and reliability has been better than the other hosting companies I have used in the past. I have only used the more basic of the available hosting packages so can only recommend that service. However, if their dedicated servers and other higher-end packages are of the same quality then they are certainly worth a try. Thanks."

"Eco Web Hosting are unmatched in terms of technical competence, friendly customer service and ethics. This company may be new to the scene but they are doing everything right and setting a pristine example for other companies to follow. They handled my domain transfers without a hitch and offered assistance almost immediately when requested. In a word: flawless."

"Green Media is a small, ethical software company with an ecological approach. After a long search for the right host for GMEditor, our Online Website Builder, we found Eco Web Hosting - they provide fast, 100% reliable and carbon-neutral web hosting at a great price - and first-class support too."

"As a new customer with little experience of the actual hosting process of web sites their service and technical support score particularly highly. Easy to understand instructions were provided to guide me through the whole procedure so that even beginners (such as myself) to the initially daunting process of for example, domain transfer can be up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. I shall be using them again."

"i been a reseller for about 1/2 year i have not been happy with my other reseller site they have great support true but very costly so i search and search internet for reseller sites i look at 100 sites at least then late one night with 1 eye open i found Eco hosting and i will say penny for penny this sytem give me more then my money's worth !!! and iam new true and learning the system. it will take time but its worth it and thank you to Rob he has help me in every question i ask in a timely manner !!! iam looking forward to a great business partnership with Eco !!"

"The service provided by Eco Web Hosting has been second-to-none - they are great value for money, reliable and friendly to deal with. The fact that they are carbon neutral is a bonus for me - I would use them even if they weren't!"

"I transferred my site over to Eco Web Hosting for the benefits of being carbon neutral but I hadn't appreciated the other benefits this company gives, Plus the transfer was a painless exercise!"

"E.W.H offered me a price plan that my project could sustain, and I was impressed by their solid professionalism, enthusiasm and carbon +ve perspective. Their support is Gold, quickly easing me through the migration of my website to their servers (no cost). That's technically tricky, having no communication with my prior host. E.W.H is a perfectly ideal host (partner), for my recycling website and adds interest for my visitors. I can't speak more highly of Eco Web Hosting, they are the best. "