30 great resources for learning about the web

I spend a lot of time looking up what’s new and exciting in web design and development. Partially because we need content for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (not to mention the newsletter), but also because, well, I might not be actually building websites any more, but I still like to see what’s happening.

Sites filled with excellent articles

I’ve always found something interesting to read when I visit these sites. Maybe it’s a neat bit of code, maybe it’s an essay about the industry, there’s always something there.

As much as I like going to sites and seeing what they have to say, there’s something absolutely fantastic about newsletters. All the neat links out there, directly in your inbox. And I’ve found that newsletters also provide a fantastic place to find new and interesting authors in the industry.

I’ve broken up the newsletters into categories, because, wow, I really subscribe to a lot of newsletters.

Tools, code, and resources

Industry News and Views

Neat Things Being Made

All the WordPress you could want

So those are where I get all my information from. What about you? Got any great links I should be looking at? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter!

(Featured image by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash)