An exciting new VPS range from Eco Web Hosting

We’re incredibly excited to introduce a new range of products offered by Eco Web Hosting – Virtual Private Servers.

While our shared hosting platform is as rock solid and reliable as they come, that reliability comes with a trade-off. Shared hosting needs to be configured in specific ways to maintain security and performance for many different users and uses.

It was once the case that if you required the flexibility to install your own software stack and enjoy complete flexibility in your environment a dedicated server was the only option.  Advances in virtualisation mean that you can now have full control of your very own server for a much lower cost.

Virtual private servers offer the configurability of dedicated servers at a fraction of the price. Machines like this differ from our shared hosting service in that you have complete control over the underlying software, this offers limitless configurability and the ability to experiment with bleeding edge packages or tried and tested high performance software that might not suit the average user.

With virtual private servers you have the option of installing software directly on your own private machine. It’s like a personal computer in the cloud.

For example, a VPS gives you the ability to install lots of exciting software packages unavailable on shared hosting.

npm logo

npm, a package manager offering essential JavaScript development tools .

OpenVPN logo

OpenVPN, software that implements virtual private networks

Minecraft logo

Minecraft, the venerable crafting game server

Django logo

Django, a Python-based free and open-source web framework

nodeJS logo

nodeJS, an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment

A VPS gives you control of your own machine and the ability to install anything you might need for your project or app.

Our new server range comes included with:

  • Fast SSD storage
  • Dedicated private IPV4 and IPV6 addresses
  • Full root access
  • A web based out-of-band console
  • The latest CentOS 7 operating system
  • A range of virtual hardware configurations
  • cPanel pre-installed and licenced
  • Control panel based status monitoring

Solid state storage offers lightning fast data access for the most demanding of applications. Mechanical drives can quickly become the bottleneck of any server architecture so we’ve opted to provide SSD storage across our server range.

Full root access provides full control over your machine. With a virtual private server you’re the boss. Never again be told “that isn’t supported”

A web based out of band console provides a web based console to access your server, even without a network on the machine. Carry out network configuration and upgrades without fear of losing access.

The latest CentOS 7 operating system is a community-driven free software effort derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Enjoy the robust RHEL eco system managed with the Yum package manager.

Virtual hardware configurations give you the choice of a more modestly priced machine, or the extra power you need to really get things moving.

Control panel based status monitoring provides you up to date information about the status of your service, right from your Eco Web Hosting control panel.

cPanel & WHM logo

Managing a server can be a complicated task, With cPanel preinstalled and fully licenced, our new virtual private server range offers you complete web-based control of your hosting environment.

With EasyApache 4,  installing, configuring, updating, and validating Apache, PHP, or other component of your server is made easy. EasyApache 4 supports multiple versions of PHP allowing  you to assign different PHP versions to each of your domains. Combined with automatic upgrades, this ensures that your PHP applications use the most up-to-date PHP versions.

If you’re interested in reselling hosting space, WHMCS is a flexible, scalable and extensible platform with hundreds of available apps to handle every aspect of your business. With full WHMCS integration, WHM/Cpanel offers unparalleled reselling, billing and customer support automation.