5 Eco-Friendly Activities for Kids

The warm summer months have us thinking a lot about our wonderful planet! Why not get the kids thinking about their home as well?

There are so many crafts and activities that can be done with minimal or with no impact on the environment. Even better, there are activities that help Earth, too!

We’ve pulled together five eco-friendly crafts and activities you can do with the kids! These provide a great opportunity to speak with your children about the environment and engage with them in a conversation about how the activity they’re doing is affecting their planet.

Make instruments out of recycled items!

You can use things like empty loo and kitchen roll tubes, empty tissue boxes, and rubber bands that come wrapped around your vegetables to make musical instruments for hours of fun.

ScrapKins has a great series of videos on how to make a guitar using some of those items.

Make your own watercolour paints!

This video by Our Raw Beauty shows you how to create watercolour paints with water and food you likely already have at home! Of course, you don’t need to create this entire palette, but it gives a great look at what’s possible. Maybe you can find some other colours around your kitchen that aren’t in this video!

Grow your own food!

You don’t need a garden to grow your own food and become partially food independent! Cut down on carbon emissions from transported food and save some money along the way. This list from The Spruce shows you some food you can easily grow inside your home, along with some indoor gardening tips.

Go for a litter walk!

Walk around your neighbourhood or your favourite outdoor space and pick up litter along the way! Make it a little competition and see who can (safely) clean up the most litter. You can even look into group events with an organisation such as Rubbish Walks to get that team spirit going!

Create some foraged art!

This is probably my favourite suggestion of the bunch! Artist Peter Cole talks about the beauty of foraged art: making temporary art from nature. Look around for items you can gather, create a piece of artwork, and then return the elements to where they came from.

Hopefully these activities will spark an interest in nature and in helping to keep our planet healthy! Have fun!