Eco Web Hosting now partnered with in2eco Digital Services

We’re happy to announce our partnership with in2eco Digital Services, a green ethical marketing company focused on providing their clients with services that take the environmental impact of marketing into consideration.

in2eco logo

Through our partnership, we hope to provide small businesses with not only green hosting, but green marketing options, including design, search engine optimisation, copywriting, and more.

“Today, more than ever, consumers and businesses are taking the impact that they have on the environment into consideration. We’re wholeheartedly behind these efforts and will support ecological principles whilst increasing your presence online.”

Zena Scott, in2eco Digital Services

And because of this partnership, we are now offering customers a free consultation with in2eco Digital Services.

In this consultation, they will go through your site, your social media, and your marketing strategy, then offer advice on how to better meet your audience’s needs. This is available to all customers who have purchased a hosting package or a Managed WordPress package.

Customers will be receiving an email with details for arranging their free consultation.

We’re delighted to have in2eco join us and help you, our customers, become more environmentally friendly.