Eco Web Hosting now using green data centres

With over 4 billion people now using the Internet, the carbon footprint of our digital life rivals the airline industry, and it’s up to us to ensure that we work together to offset the damage caused.

As part of this, Eco Web Hosting is pleased to announce that our data centres now run on sustainable energy.

Our data centres now use suppliers that provide energy created entirely by solar and wind power, massively reducing the carbon impact our servers have on the planet. We’ve also structured our data centres to have a low power usage efficiency (PUE), with a PUE rating of 1.12. 

By ensuring our servers are using the latest energy-saving technologies and low-impact refrigerants for cooling our systems, we have built a system that uses less energy overall, leaving more sustainable energy resources available for the rest of the National Grid.

Our autoscaling platform also helps conserve energy. Each website is given the right amount of power and processing needed to run effectively, meaning that sites built with sustainability in mind will not just use less energy on the users’ side, but on the server’s side as well.

Along with our sustainably powered data centres and our autoscaling platform, we are still planting trees every month for our web hosting, Managed WordPress, and VPS packages, giving our customers even more carbon offsetting for their websites. With our tree planting program, we offset at least 480kg of carbon emissions every year for each website, with some offsetting nearly 5 tonnes a year!

We’re delighted that we’ve increased our hosting sustainability and can pass these benefits on to our customers. We are always on the lookout for even more ways to make the hosting industry greener. If you have any ideas or have any questions about our sustainable web hosting, please contact us.

(Featured image by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash.)