Eco Web Hosting plants 270 trees

As part of our commitment to the environment, Eco Web Hosting was delighted to spend a few hours yesterday helping to plant 270 native trees and bushes.

Liz England, a customer of ours and owner of Rutland Online and My Wildlife UK, had a lovely field that was perfect for planting new trees.

An empty grass field
The field just waiting for trees

While half of the field was reserved as a paddock for the miniature Shetland ponies, the other half is being converted into a nature reserve, with bird feeders, small ponds, and now, thanks to us, a natural hedgerow, with Scots pines, evergreen oaks, hornbeams, hawthorns, and more.

Three slightly damp-looking ponies in a field
The three miniature Shetland ponies that share the field
A small hornbeam tree
A freshly planted hornbeam tree

The planting was done by the wonderful Aveland Trees, a Lincolnshire-based arborist that specialises in native trees. Their expert team worked fast in the cool November drizzle, efficiently matching trees with hedge shrubs to provide, in a couple of years, a beautiful and wild hedgerow ideal for wildlife.

A man planting a tree
Joe from Aveland Trees planting an evergreen oak

With acres of countryside around this field, this hedgerow will provide plenty of shelter and food for animals in the area, including badgers, rabbits, foxes, tits, robins, owls, woodpeckers, finches, and frogs.

Four small trees waiting to be planted
Evergreen oaks and Scots pines waiting to be planted
Bunches of hedge trees waiting to be planted
Guelder rose, dog rose, wild cherry, field maple, crab apple, woodland thorn, spindle, wayfaring tree, rowan, and alder buckthorn waiting to be planted

We were delighted to plant native trees in this beautiful part of England and look forward to seeing their growth in the future.

Tak and Kate in the rain planting a tree
Tak Tran, our Business Development Manager, and Kate Bolin, our Marketing Director, planting a Scots pine

You can find out more about our other projects by visiting our About Us page. And if you’re a landowner and would like lovely trees planted, please get in touch with us.