Eco Web Hosting’s 2019 Review

We had a very exciting year at Eco Web Hosting, and we thought we’d run down some of the great things that have happened.

We currently have over 37,000 websites on our servers

For a small company with only eight members of staff, we’re delighted that we have so many websites on our servers. And we’re hoping to have even more next year!

We launched our new website

Screenshot of the Eco Web Hosting home page.

This was a huge deal for us – something that we had been wanting to do for years, but never had the resources available. But with our development team, designer, and marketing directly all working closely together, we built a site that’s beautiful, easy to use, and a million times better.

We still have plenty of work to do on it, so keep watching this space!

Our development team has made over 8,000 code commits

We believe in an iterative process when it comes to development – regularly making little changes to improve our code. And we’ve definitely shown it with over 8000 commits this year alone.

We completely redid our emails

Screenshot of the Welcome to Managed WordPress email

You might have noticed the emails you receive from us look good and have more information. We completely rewrote and redesigned them, hopefully giving you a better experience.  But if you have any feedback, please let us know!

Our support team answered over 11,000 tickets and over 780 live chats

We’re delighted by the fast response time and hard work of our support team. It’s one of the best things we have in our company, and we work hard to make sure you’re happy with your support.

If you want to say thanks, why not leave a Trustpilot review?

We launched Stripe as a payment gateway

Screenshot of our shopping basket, with the new Stripe payment gateway.

Stripe is a huge improvement for us over Paypal. Not only does it make checking for fraudulent charges an absolute breeze, it also makes it easier for regular subscriptions, card updates, and a lot more.

With Stripe in place, we can work on making our payment systems even easier for our customers to use – including, we hope, adding in additional currencies, which will be great for our customers who aren’t in the UK.

We added a new range of virtual private servers

These VPS might be for the more advanced customer, but they’re providing a fantastic platform at a reasonable price. And with the new set-up software we built, we’re going to be able to roll out even better VPS options for customers in the new year.

Trustpilot went up to 4.9 out of 5

Our 4.9 out of 5 rating at TrustPilot.

It did throw us a for a bit of a loop when they switched from a 10-star rating system to a 5-star system, but we’ve worked hard for our current 4.9. We’re also incredibly happy that our customers like us enough to leave plenty of 5-star reviews.

We lost one team member but gained two

We were sorry to see Ben go at the beginning of December, but he’s off to better and brighter things.  

Scott was originally hired to provide weekend support, but he’s jumped into the full-time role with both feet, doing an absolutely remarkable job. He navigated the steep learning curve with ease and is cheerful and helpful despite suddenly being the only full-time support staff member while Mike is off on paternity leave.

And we hired our first full-time marketing person, Kate, who took over all the social media, most of the blog posts, rewrote the entire website, and also rewrote all the emails our customers receive. And there’s a lot more coming soon!

We planted a lot of trees

Liz, Tak, Hugh, and Kate at the Rutland tree planting.

With the help of Rutland Online and Aveland Trees, we planted 250 trees and hedges in a lovely 2-acre nature reserve in Rutland. Using native trees and bushes, we’re hoping that it’ll be a wonderful place for all the local wildlife to rest, eat, and enjoy their surroundings.

Next year, we’ll be working with, planting trees across the world.

And so much more!

We did a lot of amazing work this year at Eco Web Hosting – and we’re excited to see what can happen in 2020!