Eco Web Hosting’s Sustainability Report for March 2022

As part of our commitment to increasing our sustainability, we create monthly reports to update everyone on our progress. In March, we planted over 6,600 trees and funded a Gold Standard project.

Nearly 6,500 trees planted for our customers

For each web hosting, Managed WordPress, and VPS package purchased by our customers, we plant trees through Eden Reforestation Projects, planting in Haiti, Indonesia, and Nepal. This month, we planted 5,239 trees.

Through our planting, we are rebuilding mangrove forests along the coastlines of Haiti, helping to stop erosion, and are also planting fruit trees in local communities to help build up local economies and food security. We are also planting mangroves along the shorelines of Indonesia, rebuilding forests that have been destroyed by storms, clear-cutting, and tsunamis. In Nepal, we plant trees around the Chitwan National Park to build a buffer zone for wildlife protection, as well as planting in the mountains and grasslands to help build biodiversity and reduce erosion.

We also planted 1,250 mangroves in Madagascar through Tree-Nation for the winners of the Eco Web Hosting mug competition and as a thank you to our customers. These mangroves will help build up the coastline and provide a safe nursery area for fish and other wildlife.

Seedlings waiting to be planted in Uganda
Photo from Ecologi

Over 120 trees planted for our employees

Along with planting trees for our customers, we also offset our employees’ carbon footprints by planting through Ecologi. This month, we planted 121 trees in Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Scotland, and Uganda.

In Kenya, they planted 39 trees, including lemon, papaya, and avocado trees, which are helping to restore the forests in the Mau region. In their Madagascan tree-planting project, they planted 72 new mangroves to restore the coastline. In Mozambique, Ecologi planted three evergreens in their Zambezia project, helping to restore the coastline there as well. In Scotland, one birch tree was planted for their UK forestry projects, helping to reforest around the country as well as provide support for local communities. And in Uganda, Ecologi works with Trees for the Future and planted six new trees for local farmers to create forest gardens.

Plus, we received another lovely black mangrove in Madagascar from Tree-Nation to offset our website’s carbon footprint. 

Solar panels on the roof of a Delhi Metro building.
Photo from Ecologi

Improving mass public transportation in Delhi, India

To reduce the carbon emissions and pollution caused by cars, taxis, motorised rickshaws, and motorcycles, Delhi introduced a mass rapid transit system, including the Delhi Metro. Along with promoting the Metro as a cleaner and easier way to travel around the city, the country is also working on electrifying the second-largest rail infrastructure in the world, with over 45,000 kilometres of track already electrified. This project will not only help Delhi Metro improve their efficiency and power consumption, but is also creating accommodation for street children and the elderly, planting new trees and preserving existing ones, and setting up wastewater treatment plants.

Our monthly impact

Through these projects, we have reduced our carbon footprint by 270 tonnes, making it over  5,100 tonnes since we’ve started. This is the equivalent of nearly 6,500 tonnes of rubbish being recycled instead of going to a landfill, over 9,400 metric tonnes of coal not being burned, nearly 8,000,000 litres of petrol not being used, and over 15.3 kilometres squared of sea ice being saved.

In this month, we also achieved over 100,000 trees planted. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us, especially Ecologi, Tree-Nation, the Eden Reforestation Project, and all our customers.

We’ll keep you updated every month with what we’re doing in our blog, our newsletter, and on our Green Credentials page. We hope you’re as happy with the work that we’ve done as we are.