Eco Web Hosting’s Sustainability Report for May 2021

We take pride in everything we’re doing to increase our sustainability, and we know that our customers also want to know what we’re doing. For May, we’re happy to announce that we’ve planted over 4,500 trees and sponsored two Gold Standard Projects.

Over 4,300 trees planted across Haiti, Indonesia, and Nepal

We plant trees for our web hosting, Managed WordPress, and VPS packages through Eden Reforestation Projects, planting in Haiti, Indonesia, and Nepal. Eden Reforestation Projects works closely with the local communities to ensure that the right trees are planted at the right time, helping them to restore forests in each country. This month, we planted 4,363 trees across these three projects, helping them to replenish mangrove forests, build up food supplies, and create buffer zones for national parks.

A mangrove forest at high tide, with the water covering the roots of the trees
Photo from Ecologi

100 trees planted in Madagascar

We offset our employees’ carbon footprints through Ecologi, and this month, we planted 69 mangroves in their Marataola project. And they also planted 30 additional mangroves for us as a reward for someone signing up with them. So thank you for signing up!

We had one mangrove planted through Tree-Nation to offset our website’s carbon emissions.  Mangroves are vital for restoring coastlines, as they stop tidal erosion, filter seawater, and provide a home for local wildlife.

Freshly planted seedlings arranged in groups.
Photo from Ecologi

Over 50 trees planted in Mozambique

Along with our Madagascan trees, Ecologi also planted 51 trees in their Changalane, Mozambique project. These included baobab trees, gum arabic trees, and others, which help to restore deforested woodland, protect local wildlife, and provide jobs for the community.

Woolly pigs forage in a forest
Photo from Ecologi

1 birch tree planted in the United Kingdom

And with Ecologi, we now plant one tree in the UK, and this month it was a birch tree that was planted in Dalry, Scotland, as part of their partnership with the Future Forest Company.

Scientists and workers work in a Borneo peatland.
Photo from Ecologi

Funding the restoration of peatlands in Indonesia

Along with planting trees, Ecologi sponsors Gold Standards projects, and this month, we’ve been helping the Katingan Restoration and Conservation Project in the Central Kalimantan Province of Borneo. Indonesia has around 36% of all the tropical peatland in the world, and they are often destroyed to make room for more plantation crops, such as oil palm. Through this project, existing peatlands are monitored for logging or fires, and are restoring previous peatlands by intensively rewatering the areas. Through both of these strategies, they hope to renew the peatlands of Borneo, making not only a fantastic carbon sink but also protecting the critically endangered or vulnerable wildlife in the area, including around 10% of the world’s entire Bornean orangutan population.

Photo of the Samsun methane power plant
Photo from Ecologi

Supporting converting landfill gas into energy in Northern Turkey

The other project we’re helping this month is the Samsun Landfill Gas to Energy Project, outside the city of Samsun in Turkey. Receiving an average of 800 tonnes of rubbish every day, the landfill is working to collect the methane that is released from the decaying rubbish to create electricity for the area. Through this new power plant, they plan to generate over 54,000 MWh of electricity per year, which will not only reduce the amount of methane released into the atmosphere but also reduce the amount of fossil fuels Turkey’s energy grid relies on.

Our monthly impact

Through our tree planting and project funding, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by an additional 166 tonnes, making it over 3,000 tonnes since we started. That’s the equivalent of nine kilometres squared of sea ice being saved, over 3,700 tonnes of rubbish recycled instead of being put into a landfill, or 5,526 metric tonnes of coal not being burned.

We’ll keep you updated every month with what we’re doing in our blog and our newsletter, and we hope you’re as delighted with the work we’ve done as we are.