Five Design and Development Newsletters to Subscribe To

Newsletters are an extremely popular way to get information out there. Along with providing customers with an easy way to see your latest content, it’s also a fantastic way to provide a curated collection of articles and sites that you’ve found interesting.

I follow a lot of newsletters in order to get the best possible content for our social media feeds, as well as just liking them for giving me new and exciting things to look at. Whether it’s finding out the latest WordPress news or getting deep into data privacy, I know that my inbox will be filled with great information right when I want it.

Here are five design and development newsletters that give you plenty of tools, articles, and tutorials to help you make great sites.


Five links every morning, focusing on design. Short, sweet, and filled with things that are great to review while enjoying your coffee. Along with great tutorials and interesting articles, Sacha Greif often has sites that just a delight to look at.

The UX Collective

Beautifully designed and filled with illustrations, the UX Collective produce a newsletter that not only provides you with the latest conversations about user experience, but also provides you with thoughtful and insightful articles on what it means to create for users.

Master WP

Aside from being utterly charming, Ben and Alex pull together the week’s WordPress news to provide you with great articles that cover all aspects of running a WordPress-based business, whether you’re designing themes and developing plugins, or running an agency that uses WordPress for customers.

Frontend Focus

If you build anything on the front end, whether it’s a new and shiny app or just a basic HTML site, Frontend Focus has so many articles, tutorials, and resources crammed into a single newsletter that you might find it impossible to get through them all. But the sheer amount of knowledge is worth it – and you’ll always find something of interest.

Web Tools Weekly

Another great front end development newsletter, Web Tools Weekly gives you a tutorial every week, then rounds up the latest tools in the dev world, making it an entertaining and informative read. Whether you’re building complex applications in Vue or React, or just looking to apply a bit of CSS magic to a site, there’s something for everyone.

So those are five newsletters that I like getting in my inbox. Which you do recommend?