Five Minute Fixes: Checking your MX Records

Hi, I’m Ben, and I’m the Senior Support Technician here at Eco Web Hosting. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve for fixing all your problems, but I thought I’d start sharing some of them with you so you can also be a hosting expert.

So, you’ve got everything set up and you want to start using your email, but you’ve noticed you are unable to receive your emails.

The first thing to do is to check your MX records are pointing to Eco Web Hosting.

Open up the terminal on your computer, and write the following command:

Host [domain name]

Screenshot of running the host command in the terminal, showing where the MX record points to.

From here you can see where your A records are pointing and what your MX record is. If your emails are hosted with us then you’ll need to ensure the MX records are pointing to: (with 10 as the priority)

You can also do a WHOIS command to see the public information on your domain. This also shows you the nameservers for your domain so you can see who is currently managing the DNS of your domain. The command for this would be:

whois [domain name]

Screenshot of the whois command in the terminal, showing the DNS records for the domain.

Wherever the nameservers are pointing to, they will be in control of the DNS. As you can see from the screenshot above, the nameservers for this domain are pointing to Eco Web Hosting. So when you need to make changes, you manage the DNS from the Eco Web Hosting Domain Control Panel.

That’s how you make sure your MX records are pointing to the right place. Remember, if you ever have any questions, or need help with something else, we’re right here to help!