Five WordPress E-Commerce Themes For Your Online Store

Starting your own e-commerce site seems easy — get some WordPress hosting, install WooCommerce, add products, go live.

But then you come up against the toughest decision you will make. What theme will you choose?

It might seem dramatic, but there are times when choosing the right theme feels like it might make or break your site. Do you want to look cool and modern? Utilitarian and effective? You don’t want to look like you’re still trapped in the early 2000s, all bevel edges and flashing gifs.

Here are five free WordPress themes that are WooCommerce compatible and look good — giving you plenty of possibilities without risking your budget.


Screenshot of the Shopay WordPress e-commerce theme

This theme is bright, bold, and in your face, perfect for the e-commerce store that wants to get right to business and sell products. It’s highly customisable, with multiple layout and colour options. There’s a pro option available for $59.99, which has even more layout features to make your store stand out from the crowd.


Screenshot of the Ibsen WordPress e-commerce theme

Clean and elegant, Ibsen is an e-commerce theme that will give you a lot of the features people expect from a website while also giving them a smooth shopping experience. Ibsen is limited in its colour, font, and icon options, but for $44, you can upgrade to Ibsen Pro, which gives you more optimisation options.


Screenshot of the Lalita WordPress e-commerce theme

This theme seems like it has everything. It’s colourful, quirky, and filled with options to really make your store one of a kind. The Premium version is $39 and gives you even more customisation options as well as an Events post type — perfect for anyone who wants to run events as well as sell products.


Screenshot of the Idyllic WordPress e-commerce theme

Clear, precise, and perfect for business, Idyllic would be, well, idyllic for a company that only wants to display a few products at a time. With convenient customisation, elegant lines, and easy WooCommerce compatibility, Idyllic is a nice free theme.


Screenshot of the Storefront WordPress e-commerce theme

And where would we be without Storefont? You don’t have to worry about your theme not integrating with WooCommerce, because it’s built by WooCommerce, designed to make it fast and easy to get your products online and selling. Easy to customise, and with a range of extensions to give you the full range of possibilities, Storefront is a great starter theme. And there are two child themes that are also free and great to use — Boutique and Deli.

Those are five themes that will make it easy to start your e-commerce site. If you know of any others, why not tell us on Facebook or Twitter?