It’s Easy to Migrate Your Website

Migrating your websites to a new web host doesn’t need to be a pain — in fact, we’ll do all the work for you, and for free as well!

If you’re on a host that uses WHM/cPanel, lets you FTP to your site, or you’re using WordPress, we can move your website to our servers easily. All you need to do is have your details on hand, fill out our convenient Migration Form (available under Support & Tools in your Eco Web Hosting control panel), and we’ll start the process.

But what if it could be even easier? Here are a few tips on how to make your website migration even easier.

Test your connection details

Are you sure you know your FTP login details? Have you tested them out recently? Do you have to unlock it before it can be used? Do you know what the server name is? Before you pass your info along to us, test them out first and make sure you have down all the right details. You can usually find it right in your host’s control panel, or you can ask their support team for the information.

However, you might not want to mention that it’s for transferring your website out. Just saying.

Point to the server, not the domain

You might have certain server settings that point to your domain name, like your IMAP settings for your email ( Before you start transferring things over, you’ll need to make sure that your settings point to a server rather than your domain, as the brief period between your domain moving could cause emails to get lost.

You can also get these settings from your host’s control panel, or you can ask their support team. And once everything has moved over nicely, you can change the settings back.

Don’t touch anything

When the transfer process starts, you might think “Oh, I forgot to put up that blog post!” or “That new product range is coming out this week!”.

Once the transfer process begins, we’re taking a copy of the site right at the moment we’re starting, which means that anything you add afterwards won’t be transferred over. Blog posts, images, new products, none of it will come across.

If you’re running an online store, this also means that orders might not come through. During the transfer process, it’s a good idea to put your store on standby mode.

Start with a few sites

Do you have a lot of sites you want to transfer over? Rather than throwing all of them at us at once, why not test it out with a few websites, and make sure you’re happy with everything first? It’d be a real pain to go through the entire migration routine and then decide you need to move again. Plus, if there are any issues, we can sort out the problem and make the next batch of migrations an absolute breeze.

Talk to us

This is the one thing that’ll make your migration the smoothest thing possible — talk to us! Tell us about the sites you have, and what you want to happen. Tell us if your sites have any weird quirks. Tell us what you need from us, when you need it by, and how you’d like it to work out. We can work with you on your migration, but clear communication is vital if you want everything to go smoothly.

So if you’re thinking about migrating over to us, why not get in touch with us now? We’ll be more than happy to talk you through your options, find the right package for you, and get everything started!