Meet Our Clients: Zena Scott, founder of in2eco Digital Services

When Zena Scott started her marketing company, Bug Bear Marketing, in 2018, she had no idea that it would evolve into a business that was focused on creating eco-friendly marketing solutions. After realizing the impact her work was having on the environment, she changed her business model, and in2eco was born. 

Now, Zena and her family provide digital marketing solutions that not only work, but are kind to the earth, too! 

The Scott family posing for a photo outdoors.
Zena and her family, the in2eco team

“We quickly became aware that the work that we were undertaking had an effect on the world around us. We needed to adjust our way of working and our way of thinking to be environmentally responsible and to encourage our partners to be environmentally responsible as well.”

Staying aware of carbon impact

in2eco does their best to make sure their clients are aware of the carbon footprint that their sites are carrying. They advise clients to implement eco-friendly practices when it comes to their websites, such as using smaller images and plain black text on a white background. in2eco also partners with Tree-Nation, an organisation that plants trees to offset carbon emissions, to ensure their sites are carbon-neutral. 

When it comes to office equipment, in2eco encourages their clients to use recycled materials, just like they do in their own office.

“We work with companies of a variety of sizes in a variety of locations, giving them not only marketing strategies and websites, but also giving them the ability to make conscious decisions about their impact and the way that they do business.”

Sharing common interests

Of course, this way of thinking makes Eco Web Hosting a perfect partner for in2eco! Zena found us using a simple Google search. She didn’t know if green web hosting was an option, but was happy to chat with us about it after taking a look at our site.

“It’s been really interesting working with you guys, because I’ve been able to offer marketing and website builds to people who have a common interest and shared goals, which has been really good. 

Your attitude to customer service mirrors ours, and it means that you’re always there and available to help, which is really very important.”

The importance of customer service

That attitude to customer service that Zena is talking about is an essential part of her business. 

“We are looking to provide honest and open services to businesses. Encouraging entrepreneurs and encouraging SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). Working alongside them and being completely transparent about the fees that we charge and the ways that we work, which is not something that many marketing companies can say they do.”

And the importance of family

Another thing not many marketing companies can say they do is work as a family unit. in2eco is made up of Zena, her husband, Jamie, her daughter, Beth, her son, Benn, and, of course, their dog, Bear. 

“We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It means that we fit into our roles very well, because not only do we know how we work best, we know how our personalities fit into the roles that we’re undertaking.

It means that we can pick up each other’s slack very well–if someone’s struggling, others can jump on. We’re kind of used to being flexible together as a family, so that helps in the workplace because it means that we’re able to be flexible at work as well.”

That family-centred attitude sums up in2eco’s approach to business as a whole.

“We always make sure that we’re there for [our customers] when they need us. We go above and beyond with our thinking and our strategy for them because we’ve managed to remain small, and we really want to keep it that way. We want to make sure that we support people to the best of our ability.”

(Featured image by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash.)