Meet the team – Part Two

This week, we’re continuing with our Meet The Team feature. In this installment, you’ll meet Chris, our Director of Product, and Mike, our support lead.

Chris Cousins

Photo of Chris Cousins

Hey all, I’m Chris. I started at Eco Web Hosting in January 2017. I was taken on as Director of Product Management to help build and develop Eco Web Hosting’s growth strategy and bring some marketing and product management experience to the tight team that already existed.

I learned my trade from some of the best Product Managers in the industry, at one of the biggest hosting companies in the world and although I loved my time at Host Europe Group I really wanted to test myself and my skills and try and build a smaller company up into one an industry giant that still cares about its customers, staff and really importantly the environment. The draw of working with some of my closest friends again and the freedom of working remotely also made Eco Web Hosting the perfect destination for the next step in my career.

I’m proud of the progress we’ve made as a team so far and we’ve welcomed high calibre members since I’ve joined thanks to the hard work and drive of all of the team that’s helped us grow consistently over the last 18 months.

My role has changed greatly since I joined and now, as well as shaping the future of our products and marketing I also actively contribute to our development and operations projects and you can normally find me bashing out PHP or tinkering with our AWS clusters.

If you have any feedback or ideas that could improve your experience with Eco Web Hosting, you can contact us.

Mike Coombs

Photo of Mike Coombs

I moved to Eco Web Hosting in late 2015 with a view to taking over the technical support responsibilities and managing the day-to-day support needs and future expansion of the team as the business grows. Having previously worked for a much larger organisation the change took a little getting used to but I’ve not looked back since!

My main responsibility is supporting our customers, be it students from Rob’s courses or direct hosting customers, but I also dabble with a little lightweight dev work where I can (I’m still learning!) and keeping our extensive support database up-to-date. During my time with the business we have moved support from being email based over to our ticketing system, added livechat support and also introduced our support database for those who prefer a little self-help. I can’t claim all the glory for those changes but the progression in the level of support we are able to provide due to those changes is definitely something I’m proud to have been involved in.

Knowing the other guys before I joined Eco Web Hosting helped me settle in but one of the things I love about working here is the friendly and supportive environment within the business. There’s always encouragement to learn new skills and opportunities to get involved in projects, although we all have differing areas of responsibilities no-one is pigeon holed into a certain role. Similarly, with support interactions I like to think we’re as human as possible, customers aren’t treated as just a number and we’re transparent and (hopefully) educational with any support we provide.

Away from work I like to keep active and getting out on my bike or playing flag football for the UK’s self-proclaimed swaggiest team the Nottingham HoneyBadgers. I’ve also recently started volunteering at a local Code Club helping to educate the next generation of coders.

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of our team members and how they came to work with us. Watch this space for the next instalment!