Over One Year, and Over 38,000 Trees

It’s been over a year since we started working closely with Tree-Nation and Ecologi, as well as over a year since we started providing trees every month for each hosting package, Managed WordPress, and Virtual Private Server purchased by our customers.

We’re delighted to announce that, from now on, we will be working directly with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees for our customers, planting trees in Nepal, Haiti, and Indonesia

We will still be offsetting our employees’ carbon footprints monthly with Ecologi, and will use Tree-Nation for special occasions, but as we make this change, we thought it would be wonderful to see the impact Eco Web Hosting has had on the planet.

A mangrove forest at high tide, with the water covering the roots of the trees
Photo from Ecologi

Nearly 30,000 mangroves planted in Madagascar

We’ve had our biggest impact along the coastlines of Madagascar, planting over 28,000 mangroves through Tree-Nation and over 1,700 through Ecologi. Planting in both Eden Reforestation Project’s land as well as the Marataola plantation held by Ecologi, we planted a mix of Rhizophora mucronata, Ceriops tagal, Avicennia marina, and Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, which will help stop tidal erosion as well as provide a space safe from predators for the fish and other wildlife that populate the region.

Over 5,000 trees planted in Nepal

Through Tree-Nation and the Eden Reforestation Project, we also helped the people of Nepal reforest their country, planting Choerospondias axillaris, Cinnamomum tamala, Phyllanthus emblica, Acacia catechu, and Bombax ceiba over the past year. These trees will provide fruit, leaves, bark, and wood for families in Nepal, and we’re happy that we’re going to work directly with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant even more trees in Nepal in the future.

Over 2,500 trees planted in Tanzania

Through Tree-Nation and the Usambara Biodiversity Conservation project, we planted Croton megalocarpus trees, Albizia gummifera trees, Newtonia buchanii trees, Ficus sur trees, and Coffea arabica trees, helping to reforest the area. With these trees, we’re helping create a buffer zone for the national forest, protecting it further from deforestation and poaching.

Freshly planted seedlings arranged in groups.
Photo from Ecologi

Over 300 trees planted in Mozambique

Ecologi is also now reforesting in Changalane, Mozambique, planting trees for us as part of our employee offset. Through this project, we planted Strychnos spinosa, Acacia nilotica, Adansonia digitata, and Trichillia emetica, helping the area to recover from deforestation and provide a great environment for the diverse wildlife in the area. Whether it’s a gum arabic tree providing its sticky syrup to be used in everything from paint to candy or a giant baobab tree giving shade, we love that we planted so many trees in the area.

Nearly 200 trees planted in Nicaragua

We planted trees in Nicaragua as part of our customer offsets, thanks to Tree-Nation and CommuniTree and Ecologi is now planting trees in the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve. Through both, we planted Caesalpinia velutina, Samanea saman, and acacias to help reforest this beautiful part of Central America.

Over 160 firs planted in the United States

Just this past month, Tree-Nation listed the Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming, United States, as a place to plant trees, and we jumped at the chance to help reforest America’s first national forest. With 166 Pseudotsuga menziesii, we’re helping to fight a blight that’s affected many trees and turn the forest back into a place perfect for local wildlife, such as bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and grizzly bears.

A Holoptelea integrifolia tree growing as part of the Trees for Slender Loris project in India.
Photo from Tree-Nation

Over 150 trees planted in India

We also worked with Tree-Nation to plant trees around India, helping to protect the wildlife in the area, such as slow lorises and tigers. We planted Anacardium occidentale, Holoptelea integrifolia, and Artocarpus heterophyllus in two different projects, all helping to produce a buffer zone between the native wildlife and encroaching housing, as well as providing jackfruits, cashews, and traditional medicine for the locals.

50 moringas planted in Kenya

We were delighted to plant 50 Moringa oleifera trees in the Bore project in Kenya, especially as moringas are incredibly versatile, being able to be used for food, biodiesel, water purification, traditional medicine, cosmetics, and so much more.

24 cedars planted in France

Recently we planted 24 Cedrus Atlantica in France, as part of a plan to spread out our planting. Part of the Restauration Forêts dégradées project, we’re helping to reforest parts of Northern France that have been suffering from black beetle infestations, and our cedar trees will provide a strong and resilient group of trees for these forests.

1 hawthorn planted in Wales

And finally, with Ecologi, we’re now going to plant at least one tree in the UK every month. Our first tree was planted in Llandrindod Wells, a little hawthorn that’ll grow up to be part of a wonderful wildlife-protecting hedgerow.

Photo of a field in the UK with a hedgerow and a horse.
Photo from Ecologi

Through these tree purchases, as well as the other projects we’ve funded, we’ve offset over 2,550 tonnes of carbon emissions – the equivalent of over 2,000 cars being driven for a year, nearly 400,000 bags of rubbish being recycled instead of going to the landfill, or nearly 4 million litres of petrol being used.

And we’re delighted to be doing even more in the future, so keep an eye on our Sustainability Reports for the latest in tree planting news!