Show your Eco Web Hosting pride with our badges

As we started planting trees for our web hosting packages, we were regularly asked if there was a way for our customers to show off that they were with a green web host.

We’re delighted to announce that you can.

We’ve created Eco Web Hosting badges that customers can put on their website to show their green credentials.

We have six options, and adding them to your site is as easy as copying and pasting HTML code.

To choose your badge, log into your Eco Web Hosting account and go to the Eco Web Hosting Badges page, which is available either on the left-hand toolbar or through this icon:

The Eco Web Hosting Badges icon available on the control panel

Once you’ve found the badge you like, copy the code to the right of the badge, then paste it into the page on your website that you want to put the badge on.

We hope to see these badges across the Internet and hope you’re happy with them. If you have any questions about them, don’t hesitate to talk to our Support team, who’ll be happy to help!

(Featured image by Studio Dekorasyon on Unsplash.)