Two years and 100,000 trees

For the past two years, we’ve been planting trees for our customers for every web hosting, Managed WordPress, or VPS package purchased, not to mention monthly tree-planting with Ecologi to offset our employees.

Within these two years, thanks to Tree-Nation, Ecologi, Eden Reforestation Projects, and, of course, our customers, we’ve planted over 100,000 trees around the world.

We jumped from just over 38,000 trees last year to over 67,000 this year, with our monthly tree planting increasing by around 80 trees every month. We also had several special occasions, including planting trees for Earth Day 2021 and, most recently, planting 1,000 mangroves as a general thank you to our customers.

Here’s a wrap-up of the trees we planted in the past year.

A tree nursery in Nepal

Over 56,000 trees planted by Eden Reforestation Projects

We started planting with Eden Reforestation Projects in May of last year, and we helped to fund major tree-planting projects in Haiti, Indonesia, and Nepal, planting over 56,000 trees in the past year. Through these projects, we’re helping to prevent coastal erosion, build buffer zones around national parks, and build up local economies and food security.

Eden Reforestation Projects chooses the appropriate trees for the right growing period, and ensure that each planting area has the resources it needs to keep the forests thriving. We’re delighted to see the progress made with each of these projects and hope for even more results in the upcoming year.

A person planting trees in Madagascar

Nearly 9,000 mangroves planted in Madagascar

With our employee offsetting via Ecologi, plus a few offers and competitions we ran through the year, we planted a mix of mangroves that will help stop tidal erosion along the many miles of Madagascan coastline, as well as protect fish and other wildlife from predators. Our trees, including Rhizophora mucronata, Ceriops tagal, and Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, are planted in both Eden Reforestation Project’s land as well as Ecologi’s Marataola forest.

A person holding tree seeds

Over 680 trees also planted by Ecologi

Our employee offsetting isn’t just in Madagascar, however. Through Ecologi, we planted 475 trees in Mozambique, 150 in Kenya, 45 in Uganda, and 12 in the United Kingdom. Whether rebuilding a mangrove forest along the Zambezia coastline, protecting the Mau forest in Kenya, helping communities build forest gardens around Mount Elgon, or helping landowners reforest their farmland in the UK, we’re delighted to be working with Ecologi and hope to promote even more projects in the future.

A tree seedling growing in the dirt

Nearly 2,000 additional trees planted in 17 countries by Tree-Nation

Before we switched to Eden Reforestation Projects, we also planted our customers’ trees through Tree-Nation, as well as 250 trees around the world as part of our Earth Day 2021 celebrations.

This year for Earth Day, we’ll be increasing that number, planting 500 trees around the world. Watch our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages for more details.

We’re excited that, thanks to our customers, we’ve made such an impact on the world, and are looking forward to planting even more over the next year. Keep an eye on our Sustainability Reports for the latest in tree planting news!