Using your free .tech domain

If you’re on the Complete Web Developer 2.0 course, you can claim and use one of the more popular freebies – your free .tech domain.

Assuming you’ve verified the course in your Eco Web Hosting account already, to claim your domain you will need to go to the Update Account Details page. You’ll find the code there for the free .tech domain there, as well as the link to the .tech registry, where you can claim your domain name.

Finding your perfect .tech domain name

Once on the .tech registry, use the search bar on the page to find your desired .tech domain name.

Screenshot of the .tech registry, where you can search for your .tech domain

After choosing your domain name, set it to a one year purchase, and click the basket icon to add it to your basket. Click ‘Proceed’ to view your order and untick the options for adding GSuite and an SSL certificate (unless you want them, of course). Scroll down and click ‘Proceed’ again.

In the basket you’ll need to put the code under ‘Have a coupon?’ Add the code and click ‘Apply’ to add the discount.

Remember that the domain is only free for one year so if you’ve selected multiple years, the domain won’t show as free.

Screenshot of the .tech registry shopping basket, showing what happens when you apply the discount code to your .tech domain

To complete the order, click ‘Place Order’. You’ll need to log into your account or to create an account if you don’t already have one. If you have to create an account, you’ll need to verify this account through an email sent to your login address, but this can be done after you check out.

Pointing your .tech domain to Eco Web Hosting

After you check out, you’ll be pointed to the control panel for your new domain. Once you’re in the control panel, you’ll need to point the domain to Eco Web Hosting.

Type your domain into the ‘Jump to Domain’ box and click the arrow to go to the management options.

Screenshot of the .tech registry control panel, showing you where to click in order to jump to your .tech domain

Click the ‘Name Servers’ option and update the domain to point to our name servers.

Screenshot of the .tech registry control panel, showing where you click to update your name servers for your .tech domain

Our name servers are:

Please note that these changes can take 24-48 hours to fully propagate across the web and take effect.

Once the DNS changes have been made, your domain will point to your Eco Web Hosting account. You can then create a hosting package for this domain, using the steps outlined in my earlier guide.