Welcome to the new Eco Web Hosting

We’re more than delighted to announce the launch of our fully redesigned Eco Web Hosting website.

Screenshot of the new Eco Web Hosting home page

We have fully rebranded, with a fresh new look and framework.

The look

The new Eco Web Hosting logo

We intentionally wanted to move towards a more technical and professional look while still keeping our individuality and passion for the environment. With our new look, we still have the love of nature that we expect of us, while also giving you a clean and optimised experience.

The flower is still an important part of the design – we’ve just chosen a more stylised dandelion. And much like the dandelion, we provide our customers with a strong base for the seeds of their businesses to go out into the world and flourish.

The framework

The Vue.js logo

As more and more websites are built within JavaScript frameworks, we wanted to ensure our team were as adept with a framework as they are with web hosting. Vue was discussed as an option between our developers and designers, and because of its relatively simple learning curve and versatility, it was chosen as our framework for this site.

It hasn’t been without its problems, but we’re pretty proud of how the new site looks and performs.

Why the changes?

Screenshot of the previous Eco Web Hosting home page

We wanted to improve the site for you, our customer, giving you a cleaner and more modern-looking website where everything is explained and easy to find.

We know that web hosting is a saturated market, and that, often, people buy hosting based on the performance and freshness of the company’s website. By redesigning and upgrading, we hope that we’ve shown that we know what you’re looking for, and that we’re ready to help.

We also wanted to showcase our skills – you already know we’re experts in hosting, but did you know we have talented developers, designers, and copywriters on staff as well?

With our team, we plan on taking Eco Web Hosting further than it has been in the past, bringing you an even better customer experience from your very first search to building up your business to the powerhouse it can be.

Looking back, looking forward

Screenshot of the Eco Web Hosting home page from 2007

We’ve come a long way since our first website back in 2007. And we know we have even further to go.

If you have any questions or comments about our new site, please get in touch with us. We’re happy to hear any feedback you have.