You can host it yourself! Part One: Hosting on our Web Hosting

With all the software that we use nowadays, it might seem like you spend all your time on a pile of different websites.

And, sometimes, you just want to host software yourself. Maybe it’s a privacy issue. Maybe you don’t want to pay a subscription. Maybe you’re worried it’ll disappear at any time. Maybe you just love free and open-source software you can dig into.

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of options available for self-hosted solutions to software you might use. Here are five of them that were tried out on one of our standard Essential Web Hosting packages.

Using Todoist? Try myTinyTodo

Screenshot of a demo version of the myTinyTodo software.

myTinyTodo is a very simple to-do list that is an absolute breeze to use and you can view it anywhere you have a browser window and a connection to your website. Use it as a shopping list, a group checklist, or build your own schedule on your own website. Include notes, assign priority, and label tasks for even more organisation.

Using Imgur? Try Chevereto Free

Screenshot of the Chevereto Free software demo.

Chevereto Free is an image-sharing platform with smooth styling. With an Instagram-style design, Chevereto is a great way to show off your images without having to rely on another service. Tag your photos, set up galleries, add in notes, and make everything look fantastic on your website.

Using Pinboard? Try Shaarli

Screenshot of the Shaarli software demo.

Shaarli is stunningly fast and easy to use, making it a breeze to collect your bookmarks anywhere. Add notes for more information, tags for easy filtering, and use the RSS feed to integrate your bookmarks into your social media, blogs, and website. Shaarli also has a lovely Daily layout, giving you a newspaper-style layout for your latest links.

Using Feedly? Try FreshRSS

Screenshot of the FreshRSS software demo.

FreshRSS is a great RSS reader, reminding me of the days of Google Reader. It loads fast, it has a great responsive design, and it includes the keyboard shortcuts that made Google Reader such a great resource for getting through a lot of posts quickly. If you need a good news aggregator, this is one of the best options out there.

Using Google Analytics? Try Matomo

Screenshot of the Matomo software demo.

Matomo is a web analytics platform that keeps all your data on your servers, making it a piece of cake to not have to worry about third-party processors or keeping track of where your user data is being held or anything like that. Built with privacy in mind, it gives you all the data you normally get from Google Analytics without having to deal with potential GDPR issues. 

These are five software options we’ve found. Which do you like using? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram!

(Featured image by Christina @ on Unsplash.)