Your Top Tier WordPress Hosting Company

Eco Web Hosting is absolutely delighted to announce that we are officially a Top Tier Hosting Company, according to Review Signal’s WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks.

Review Signal has been producing benchmark reviews of WordPress hosting packages since 2014, seeing how companies handle traffic to WordPress sites. They use software to make it seem like a rush of people are visiting a website, and record how the hosting responds, keeping an eye on the uptime and performance, then compare the results against other hosts.

For 2021, we submitted our Basic Managed WordPress hosting package to be reviewed, as did 21 other companies. Review Signal set up a WordPress page on our Basic package, and then ran the tests. For full disclosure, we paid a fee to be accepted into the review, and have also approved Review Signal for our affiliate program, but neither of these has any impact upon the testing or review process.

Peak Performance Testing

Review Signal uses LoadStorm and K6 to emulate a heavy influx of users to the site and record how well the hosting package adapts to the sudden increase in traffic. With LoadStorm, 2,000 emulated users would visit the test site’s home page, log into the Admin section, and visit pages and posts on the site, starting at 500 users and then scaling up to 2,000 users over 20 minutes, then staying at 2,000 for 10 minutes. K6, on the other hand, visited just the home page, scaling up from one to 1,000 users within 15 minutes and focusing on testing the caching qualities.

During our LoadStorm test, we had an average response time of 653 milliseconds, which puts us lower than the all-company average of 848 milliseconds, with 426,623 requests performed in that 30 minute period. Our K6 average response time was 42 milliseconds, compared to the all-company average of 238.5 milliseconds, with 432,476 requests performed in the 15 minute period.

Column charts showing the speed in milliseconds for the average response time during performance tests.
Our Average Response Time on LoadStorm and K6 compared against GoDaddy, GreenGeeks, IONOS, Krystal Hosting, SiteGround, and the average for all companies reviewed.

Uptime Testing

Over three months, Review Signal kept track of our package’s uptime using HetrixTools and Uptime Robot, with PHP Server Monitor also keeping watch in case there was a discrepancy between the other two. HetrixTools recorded 99.9967% and Uptime Robot recorded 99.996%, giving us an average of 99.99635%. This is higher compared to the all-company average of 97.6936%, and means that, roughly, over the three months that the package was monitored, it was only unavailable for approximately six minutes.

Bar chart showing the average uptime in a percentage for a three month period.
Our Average Uptime as measured by HetrixTools and Uptime Robot compared against GoDaddy, GreenGeeks, IONOS, Krystal Hosting, SiteGround, and the average for all companies reviewed.

Global Page Loading

Review Signal also used WebPageTest to check the loading time of the package’s homepage from 12 locations around the world — Virginia, California, and Salt Lake City in the USA, London in the UK, Frankfurt in Germany, Cape Town in South Africa, Singapore, Mumbai in India, Tokyo in Japan, Sydney in Australia, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and Brazil. Our average response time around the world was 2.129 milliseconds, slightly slower than the all-company average of 1.441 milliseconds.

Being a UK company, we did unsurprisingly well in London and Frankfurt, with a response time of 0.959 and 0.881 milliseconds, respectively. And while our CDN is expanding regularly, we still do not have an Australian node, which would be why we didn’t perform as well in Sydney, with a 3.357 millisecond response time.

Column chart showing the response time in milliseconds for London and a worldwide average.
Our Loading Times for London and the Worldwide Average as measured by WebPageTest, compared against GoDaddy, GreenGeeks, IONOS, Krystal Hosting, SiteGround, and the average for all companies reviewed.

Overall Results

While Review Signal provides results for uptime testing, global loading speeds, and other tests, the only results that are judged are the Peak Performance results. And thanks to our fast and responsive Managed WordPress package, we were placed in the Top Tier category.

Review Signal said:

Eco Web Hosting was a first time participant who showed up and did a great job and earned themselves Top Tier recognition. They maintained 99.99% uptime. Their K6 results were third fastest in terms of response time. Their Load Storm test went smooth. Welcome to the Top Tier club.

We’re proud that we achieved this status on our lowest tier Managed WordPress package, showing that you can get fast loading times, fantastic uptime, and a responsive website no matter how many visitors you get on a package that only costs £5.99 a month.

You can see all the companies that were included in these tests, as well as their results, on the WordPress Hosting Benchmarks website. And if you have any questions about our Managed WordPress packages, just talk to us — we’re more than happy to help.

(Featured image by Ariel on Unsplash)