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Your domain is the home of your website on the Internet and creates your online identity.

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Make it easier for your customers to find you with a unique and memorable domain name.

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Anyone can get a free Google or Microsoft account. Inspire trust after the @ with your unique name

Why get your domain with Eco Web Hosting?

No hidden fees or add-ons

We don’t hide additional fees for our domains or tack on unwanted extras. Tailor your domain to meet your needs, whether it’s for multiple years, or just one.

Affordable renewal prices

The price you pay when you renew is the same price as a new domain. There’s no tricky introductory pricing and no massive increase year on year.

One year free with transfers

Transfer your .com or other gTLD to us, and once the transfer completes, you’ll get one year free on us. Or do you have a .UK domain? Transfer it for free!

Google-hosted DNS

Our DNS platform is powered by Google, giving you the quickest and most stable DNS available in a convenient control panel. Change nameservers and records with ease.

Our top domain extensions

Great value TLDs from a host that cares domain£7.49 £6.36
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£7.49 £6.36
per year domain£7.49 £6.36
per year
com £12.49 £10.61
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.net domain£10.09 £9.34
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.org domain
£12.49 £10.61
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£17.99 £15.29
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£22.50 £19.13
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£23.49 £19.97
per year
£10.90 £9.27
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£28.99 £24.64
per year
£27.80 £23.63
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£17.49 £14.87
per year
£22.50 £19.13
per year
£10.99 £9.34
per year

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What is a domain name?

When you purchase your new domain, you get access to our domain control panel, which lets you adjust your DNS settings, move nameservers, set your domain to forward to a different domain, and edit your contact details — all of which are included with the cost of your domain name.

You can also set up forwarding email addresses, which gives you an email address ( but sends on all the emails you receive. Happy with your Gmail account but also want to make sure you have a more personalised address? Buy your domain name and set up a forwarding email address.

Get even more with your domain

Do you already have the perfect domain name, but it’s with another company? If you have a generic top-level domain name or a country-code top-level domain name from a non-UK country, you will need to pay the transfer fee price, then you’ll have a full year of your domain name with us — no matter how close you are to the end of your contract with another company.

If you have a UK top-level domain name, you just need to adjust your Nominet tag, set up a transfer to here, and everything will be done for free!

Transfer your domain names to us easily

Your domain name is the address for your online presence. When you buy your domain name, you're buying the phrase that visitors will type in when they want to visit your website. Through the Domain Name System (DNS), your phrase is translated by computers to point to a specific file on a specific web server — where your website is.

Along with pointing people to your website, you can also use your domain name for your email address, or you can just keep it to prevent other people from purchasing it.

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Virtual Private

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Our team is made up of hosting veterans who have worked for some of the biggest brands in the industry. We know what it takes to provide stable and fast web hosting, and we wanted to create a company that values quality products and exceptional customer service above acquisitions and sales figures.

Frequently asked questions

Question symbolDo I have to buy hosting to have my domains with Eco Web Hosting?

Not at all! You can purchase and manage your domains with us without having to purchase hosting as well. You’ll still get our great renewal prices, excellent service, and all the features your domain name comes with.

Question symbolDo I have to pay extra to use your DNS?

No, there are no extra fees. Our Domain Name System (DNS) is included in our domain prices as standard.

Question symbolDo you charge extra for renewals?

Absolutely not. We don’t believe in luring customers with a loss-leading first-year domain price and then massively raising the price for renewals. The price you see for your first year is the price you’ll pay for the renewal, and if that changes at any time, we’ll let you know well in advance.

Question symbolDo you charge for domain privacy?

Domain owners must provide their personal details when they purchase a new domain name, and this information is usually publicly available. With domain privacy, your details are hidden, cutting down on spam emails and phone calls. If you are purchasing a UK domain name for personal use, you do not need to purchase additional domain privacy, as Nominet will automatically mask your details. If you are purchasing another domain, such as a .com, or purchasing a UK domain for business purposes, we do recommend you purchase domain privacy, which is available in the check-out process for an additional £7.99 per year.

Question symbolDo you have automatic domain renewals?

We do have automatic domain renewals set up, and we will always email you ahead of time to remind you that your domain name is up for renewal. You can always renew manually, and you can also decide to turn off auto-renewal.

Question symbolDo I have to pay to transfer my domain to you?

If you have a UK domain (,,, and .uk), you do not have to pay to transfer your domain to us. However, gTLD domains, such as .com, .net, or any of the new gTLDs will cost money to transfer over. However, once the transfer is complete, you get one full year absolutely free.

Question symbolWhat’s your Nominet (IPS) tag?

The Nominet IPS tag to transfer your UK domain is “STACK”. Once you set that tag at your existing host, you just need to search for your domain in our domain search, then select the “Transfer” option when it appears. Go through the transfer process, and your domain will be with us!

Question symbolWhat could stop me from getting a domain name?

Obviously, if someone else already owns the domain, you can’t purchase it right away. You can see if another TLD is available with that name, try a variation on the phrase, or simply regularly check and wait for the domain to be expired. Some country-code TLDs will also have restrictions on them, such as needing to be a resident of that area. If you are being told that you cannot purchase a particular domain due to location, and you should be able to register, check your account contact details and see if your address needs to be changed.

Question symbolWhat if I want a TLD that isn’t available?

Please speak to our support team — it might be that we’ll be able to get the TLD added to our system.

Question symbolWhat payment options do you provide?

Currently, we accept all major credit and debit cards. All prices are in pound sterling and do not include VAT.

Eco Web Hosting doesn’t believe in stupid questions. Have a question that isn’t covered here?

Speak to our team