Our Green Credentials

At Eco Web Hosting, we know that it’s important to have high-quality standards for hosting products. But, as the world faces the damage of climate change, it is vital that web hosting companies do our part to reduce the industry’s impact on the environment.

We help fund several green initiatives, plant new forests, and regularly review our own procedures, among other things.
Learn more about our work below.

As of July 2022

125,000Trees planted+ 5,400 over last month
6,000Tonnes of co2 offset+ 220 over last month
45Gold standard projects+1 over last month

Check back for updates to see how you’re contributing to a better future.
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Thats equivalent to

Over 51,000 barrels of oil not being used
Over 18km squared of sea ice saved
Over 7,600 tonnes of rubbish recycled
Over 11,000 tonnes of coal not burned

How we save energy

Carbon-offset planting

Each hosting package and server purchased through us has trees planted every month. We also regularly fund tree planting and other Gold Standard projects throughout the year.

Green business practices

Our staff work together to run our business as eco-friendly as possible. Working remotely, choosing green energy suppliers, and other ways to reduce our environmental impact.

100% Green energy

All our websites are hosted on servers powered by sustainable energy sources, built to be as energy-efficient as possible. Our data centres are also designed to maximise their energy usage.

Helping plant forests around the globe

We’ve planted trees in 24 countries around the world, including Madagascar, Nicaragua, and the United Kingdom.


We actively partner with non-profit organisations that support environmental projects around the world.

For each hosting package purchased, we plant trees through the Eden Reforestation Project, helping to offset the carbon footprint of our customers through tree planting projects in Nepal, Indonesia, and Haiti.

We offset our employees’ carbon footprint through Ecologi. Through them, we plant trees around the world, including within the United Kingdom, as well as help fund other Gold Standard sustainability projects.

For special occasions, we also purchase trees through Tree-Nation, helping to fund additional tree-planting projects around the world, including in Tanzania, India, and France.


Just a few of the environmental projects we’ve sponsored over the years.

Usambara Biodiversity Conservation

Through Tree-Nation, we planted over 2,500 trees as part of the Usambara Biodiversity Conservation project, helping to reverse deforestation in the Eastern Arc Mountains rain forest of Tanzania, and providing jobs and educational opportunities in the area.

Sidrap Wind Farm

We sponsored this Gold Standard project from UPC Renewables in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, which produces 253,000 MWh of renewable energy every year for the national grid through its 30 wind turbines, reducing air pollution and powering over 70,000 homes.

Ransom Wood Business Park

We partnered with Ransom Wood Business Park to plant over 300 trees to help offset the carbon emissions of our servers. Our operations team is also based here and look after our energy-efficient hosting platforms.

My Wild Life

We teamed up with Liz England, Eco Web Hosting customer, wildlife enthusiast, and nature photographer, to plant 270 native species on her land, bringing more wildlife to the Rutland area and providing even more photographic opportunities.

Do you have a project that needs our help?

We are always looking for green-focused projects to help with, especially if they're based in the UK. If you have space for planting trees, are running an environmental project that needs assistance, or know of a project that could use some help, please get in touch with us today.

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