Eco Web Hosting’s Sustainability Report for April 2023

As part of our ongoing commitment to the planet and our customers, we publish a report monthly to update you on our sustainability progress. For April, we planted 5,779 trees and funded two Gold Standard projects.

Over 5,700 trees planted for our customers

For each web hosting, Managed WordPress, and VPS package our customers hold, we plant trees through Eden Reforestation Projects. For April, we planted 5,727 trees around the world.

Eden Reforestation Projects plants the right trees for the region in the right season, and through them, we are planting trees in three countries. In Haiti, they are rebuilding mangrove forests along the coastline to stop erosion, as well as planting fruit trees to increase food security and local economies. In Indonesia, they are planting mangroves on Biak Island, rebuilding shoreline forests damaged by clear-cutting and storms. And in Nepal, they are creating a buffer zone around the Chitwan National Park to protect wildlife as well as reducing erosion in both the mountains and grasslands through tree planting projects.

Seedlings waiting to be planted in Uganda
Photo from Ecologi

Over 50 trees planted for our employees

We not only plant trees for our customers but also for our employees. And every month, we fund tree-planting projects through Ecologi.

In April, Ecologi planted 51 trees in the Dundori forest, the Mau region, and the Kakamega tropical rainforest in Kenya; in Kandrany in Madagascar; the Geowcha forest in Ethiopia; the Iringa region of Tanzania; the Ouezzane province of Morocco; the Mount Elgon region in Uganda; Irrelege Milato in Mozambique; and in Scotland.

A person is paddling a canoe on a river in Colombia.
Photo from Ecologi

Protecting tropical rainforest in Colombia

Ecologi also funds Gold Standard Projects for us along with funding tree-planting. This month, we helped protect over one million hectares of tropical rainforest in the Indigenous Reservation of Matavén Forest. This project employs the local indigenous residents to protect the local rainforest from farmland encroachment as well as sustainable livelihoods.

An aerial shot of a field filled with solar panels in Indonesia.
Photo from Ecologi

Generating solar power in Indonesia

The other project we are supporting this month is the Pringgabaya solar farm on Lombok Island, Indonesia. The country is primarily powered by coal-fired power plants, and this solar farm is working to help cut down on the emissions produced, creating 42 MW of electricity as well as local jobs and community support.

Through our funding of projects, we have reduced our carbon footprint by a further 233 tonnes, making it over 8,100 tonnes since we started offsetting our hosting. This is the equivalent of over 15,000 metric tonnes of coal not being burned, over 12.6 million litres of petrol not being used, over 24.3 kilometres squared of sea ice being saved, and over 10,000 tonnes of rubbish being recycled instead of going to landfill.

We will keep everyone updated every month on our latest statistics on our blog and our Green Credentials page. We hope that you’re as delighted by the work we’ve accomplished as we are.