Eco Web Hosting’s Sustainability Report for March 2023

As part of our commitment to the planet and our customers, we publish a monthly report to update you on our sustainability progress. And for March, we planted 5,741 trees and funded two Gold Standard projects.

Nearly 5,700 trees planted for our customers

For each web hosting, Managed WordPress, and VPS package our customers hold, we plant trees through Eden Reforestation Projects. For March, we planted 5,689 trees around the world.

Eden Reforestation Projects focuses on planting the right trees for the area at the right time, and we are planting trees in three countries. In Haiti, they are helping to rebuild mangrove forests along the coastline, stopping erosion, and are also planting fruit trees to help build up food security and the economy in local communities. In Indonesia, they are planting more mangroves on Biak Island, helping to rebuild shoreline forests that have been damaged by clear-cutting and storms. And in Nepal, they are planting trees in the mountains and the grasslands to help reduce erosion, as well as creating a buffer zone for the Chitwan National Park to provide further protection for wildlife.

A mangrove forest at high tide, with the water covering the roots of the trees
Photo from Ecologi

Over 50 trees planted for our employees

We not only plant trees for our customers but also for our employees. And every month, we fund tree-planting projects through Ecologi.

In March, 15 mangroves were planted in Madagascar, 11 trees across two sites in Kenya, six in Ethiopia, six more across two sites in Mozambique, four in Uganda and Tanzania, two in Morocco and Senegal, and a downy birch tree in Swindon.

Also, thanks to Tree-Nation, we had a single mangrove planted in Madagascar to offset the carbon footprint of our website.

Photograph of turbines in a wind farm in Mexico.
Photo from Ecologi

Funding wind farms in Mexico

Ecologi, along with supporting tree-planting projects, also funds Gold Standard Projects. This month, we helped to fund the Oaxaca IV Wind Energy Project in Mexico. The country is now taking advantage of the large swathes of land that would be perfect for wind farms, increasing the percentage of energy produced through wind farms from 0.24% to 6.36% in 10 years. With the Oaxaca IV wind farm, more clean energy will be produced, as well as funding community initiatives and healthcare for the region.

The Kayseri Molu Landfill Gas to Energy plant in Turkey
Photo from Ecologi

Capturing landfill methane to produce energy in Turkey

The other project we’re supporting this month is the Kayseri Molu Landfill Gas to Energy Project. With over 90% of waste in Turkey being sent to landfills, this project works to collect the methane that is released by the decaying rubbish and use it to power steam turbines, reducing the amount of fossil fuels the energy grid relies on as well as reducing the amount of methane released into the atmosphere.

Through our funding of projects, we have reduced our carbon footprint by a further 231 tonnes, making it nearly 7,900 tonnes since we started offsetting our hosting. This is the equivalent of nearly 14,500 metric tonnes of coal not being burned, over 12 million litres of petrol not being used, over 23.5 kilometres squared of sea ice being saved, and nearly 10,000 tonnes of rubbish being recycled instead of going to landfill.

We will keep everyone updated every month on our latest statistics on our blog and our Green Credentials page. We hope that you’re as delighted by the work we’ve accomplished as we are.