Four tips for your new Instagram account

Eco Web Hosting is delighted to announce that we now have an Instagram account.

You can join us at

Screenshot of Eco Web Hosting's Instagram profile bio.

There, we’ll post tips, advice, and questions for our Instagram audience, from how to run a greener business to asking what your favourite podcasts are.

Instagram is a new and unique medium for us, and here are some tips we’re planning on following:

Establish your brand’s “look”

Having an identifiable style for your posts will make them stand out while your customers scroll through their feed. Whether it’s making sure you use the same typeface and colour scheme across all your images or just making sure the logo is in the right place, having the same elements will make sure that no matter how many photos they’re skimming past, they’ll be sure to see yours.

Keep it in-house

On Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we share links to articles and websites that we’ve found that we think are helpful and interesting to our customers, from coding tutorials to the latest search engine news to sustainability advice. But Instagram isn’t interested in having people leave their walled garden, and links aren’t allowed in posts. So instead of providing links to other sites, you need to make sure your posts have all the information people need, whether that’s how to purchase a product, explaining how to do something, or giving all the details of your latest news.

Build upon the story in your text

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a picture crammed full of text is just difficult to read. Keep the image relatively light on text, and then expand upon it in the post’s text. This works really well for lists and similar items, where you can have a short and punchy list in the image, but then really get into the details in the text. If people want to read more, they’re able to, but you’re also getting your message across in the image for the scroller.

Use hashtags effectively

Instagram is definitely a place where hashtags can come into play. With no limits on the length of text you can include with a post, you can fill up the content with hashtags and reach a wider audience. However, make sure they relate to the post’s content, especially if you’re working in an industry that’s heavily promoted on Instagram, like beauty or wellness. Otherwise, it’ll just seem like you’re spamming people’s feeds.

Those are four tips we’re going to be using on our Instagram account. If you have any further advice, why not let us know on our most recent post?

(Featured image by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash.)