New Product Arrival – Managed WordPress Hosting

This week at Eco Web Hosting, we’ve launched a brand-new product into our already outstanding line-up – Managed WordPress!

Our new Managed WordPress packages are ideal for everyone, whether you’re a single site user, right up to multisite agencies. Boasting a wide array of features and exciting benefits, our Managed WordPress packages are designed to give your sites that extra edge online.

Speed and Performance

In a world where time is money, speed is everything. Our WordPress platform takes advantage of a purpose built plugin to ensure the fastest possible page load times using the NGINX edge cache system. You can even manage the cache from within the plugin interface inside WordPress.

Similarly, our OPcache guarantees that your sites code is only parsed once, on execution. This is then cached for when its next required, instead of parsing each time.


As well as our standard security features, our WordPress platform comes equipped with some extra security to keep your sites safe.

StackProtect helps defend against Brute-force login attempts by limiting the number of failed access attempts using Captcha. Further to this, our platform also monitors your sites plugins and blocks any that could potentially harm your site.

Lastly, we keep your WordPress site up to date with the latest software updates available, leaving you free to focus on design and development.

A photo of a computer with the malware scanner running on the screen

Extra Features

Alongside the great performance and security of our Managed WordPress platform, we also boast a range of extra features that are included with our packages.

Snapshot backups take a daily backup of both your WordPress site and it’s database, giving you a daily restore point in the event of a hack or accidental deletion.

As well as this, we also include free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL Certificates, automatic malware scanning and unlimited mailboxes!

As with all of our great products, our Managed WordPress platform comes complete with our outstanding, 5-star rated support. This gives you access to our livechat services, priority online ticket support and our in-depth knowledge base.

Whats more, when you take out one of our Managed WordPress packages, we’ll even arrange to migrate your sites for you, totally free of charge!

Looking to power up your WordPress hosting experience? Try out one of our packages today!

If you’d like to know more about our Managed WordPress packages, or any of the Eco Web Hosting services, please get in touch with our sales team by emailing: or calling: 0330 043 0712.