Eco Web Hosting’s 2020 Review

2020 has been a long strange year for everyone, but here at Eco Web Hosting, we had some amazing things happen, and we wanted to share them with you.

We currently have over 42,000 websites on our servers

We were delighted to see a 12% increase on our servers, especially as it became more and more important to be online. And we’re hoping to see even more next year!

Screenshot of the Web Hosting page

We launched our new web hosting and VPS packages

We launched our new web hosting packages in March and our new VPS packages in June. Along with more features and better pricing, we also brought in our monthly tree purchases for each package, including our Managed WordPress packages. This means that not only are we making sure our business is greener, but we’re also helping our customers be green as well. And as part of that…

We planted over 25,000 trees this year and supported 17 Gold Standard projects

Thanks to Tree-Nation and Ecologi, it was easy to commit to planting even more trees around the world. In this year, we’ve planted trees in Madagascar, Nepal, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, India, and Nicaragua.

We also supported Gold Standard projects in Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, Eritrea, Turkey, Chile, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay, Haiti, Guatemala, and Uganda, helping people all over the world make their lives a little bit greener.

You can find out the full details in our monthly sustainability reports or see the latest details on our Green Credentials page.

We launched an even faster domain search with over 350 TLDs

We know that finding the perfect domain is important, and our team worked hard to make our domain search as clear and smooth as possible, including adding in even more top-level domain extensions. With over 350 TLDs available, from .earth to .pizza, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect domain name for your website.

Screenshot of the Domain Names page.

Our development team made over 5,000 code commits

We believe in an iterative process for our development work – regularly making small changes to produce regular improvement. And we’ve definitely improved our systems through over 5,000 commits this year alone.

Our support team answered over 11,000 tickets and over 4,500 live chats

We’re absolutely delighted with the hard work of our support team. It’s absolutely one of the best things we have in the company, and we work hard to make sure you’re happy with the service. Did you know that Tuesday is usually the busiest time for us? You probably didn’t even realise, because we answer tickets so fast!

And if you want to say thanks, why not leave a Trustpilot review?

We lost one team member but gained two

We were sorry to see Andy go, especially since he had worked so hard on the front end of the website, but he’s off to exciting new things.

Giles made us a multi-national organisation, doing full-time support while enjoying the lovely weather in Spain, while the rest of us suffer in the very damp United Kingdom. And Tom joined us as our permanent Head of Design and has been making some fantastic changes throughout the site.

And so much more!

This doesn’t even include all the work that’s been done in the backend to make processes even smoother for our staff, launching our affiliate programme, getting Google Analytics working properly, all the sale campaigns we did, talks at events, the introduction of our newsletter, and all the mentions we got online. We did an amazing amount of work this year, and it’ll only get better in 2021!

(Featured image by from Pexels)