Eco Web Hosting’s Sustainability Report for June 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we produce monthly reports to keep our visitors and customers informed on what we’re doing to increase our sustainability. For June, we’re happy to announce that we’ve planted over 4,600 trees and funded two Gold Standard Projects.

Over 4,500 trees planted across Haiti, Indonesia, and Nepal

For our web hosting, Managed WordPress, and VPS packages, we plant trees through Eden Reforestation Projects, planting in Haiti, Indonesia, and Nepal. Working closely with local communities to ensure that the right trees are planted in the right season, Eden Reforestation Projects helps to restore forests in each country.

In Haiti, they are helping to replenish the mangrove population along the coastline as well as building up food security through fruit trees. In Indonesia, they’re helping Biak Island restore the mangrove forests that have been destroyed over the past three decades due to storms, clear-cutting, and tsunamis. And in Nepal, they are reforesting mountains and grasslands as well as creating a buffer zone around the Chitwan National Park.

A mangrove forest at high tide, with the water covering the roots of the trees
Photo from Ecologi

63 mangroves planted in Madagascar

For each of our employees, we offset their carbon footprint through Ecologi, and in June, we planted 63 mangroves in their Marataola project. Mangroves aren’t just a brilliant carbon sink, they also protect land from tidal erosion and make a fantastic nursery for local fish species.

Freshly planted seedlings arranged in groups.
Photo from Ecologi

57 trees planted in Mozambique

Ecologi also planted 57 trees in their Changalane, Mozambique project. Helping to restore deforested woodland, protect local wildlife, and provide jobs for the local community, Ecologi plants baobab trees, gum arabic trees, acacia trees, and more for us.

Woolly pigs forage in a forest
Photo from Ecologi

1 birch tree planted in Scotland

We also use Ecologi to plant one tree in the UK per month, and this month, we had one great little birch tree planted in Dalry, Scotland, as part of their partnership with the Future Forest Company, which is helping to reforest parts of Scotland as well as provide new opportunities for for rural communities.

Brazil nuts rest in the fruit of the Brazil nut tree.
Photo from Ecologi

Protecting rainforests in Peru

Ecologi also funds Gold Standard Projects for us, and this month, we’re helping to protect old-growth rainforest in the Madre de Dios region of Peru. Rich natural resources in the area make it incredibly at risk for massive deforestation, despite much of the local community relying on old-growth rainforest. This project incentivises the local community to harvest Brazil nuts, which not only requires old-growth forest for its massive trees but also gives them a great way to generate income.

Scientists and workers work in a Borneo peatland.
Photo from Ecologi

Restoring and conserving peatland in Indonesia

We also helped to fund the Katingan Restoration and Conservation Project in Borneo, Indonesia. Indonesia’s peatlands are at risk of being destroyed for more plantation crops, such as oil palm. Existing peatlands are monitored for logging or fires, and previous peatlands are restored through intensive rewatering, helping to protect critically endangered or vulnerable wildlife in the region, such as the Bornean orangutan.

Our monthly impact

Through our tree planting and project funding, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint this month by an additional 187 tonnes, making it nearly 3,200 tonnes since we started. That’s the equivalent of over 9.6 kilometres squared of sea ice being saved, nearly 4,000 tonnes of rubbish being recycled instead of being put into a landfill, or nearly 5,700 metric tonnes of coal not being burned.

We’ll keep you updated every month with what we’re doing in our blog, our newsletter, and on our Green Credentials page. We hope you’re as happy with the work that we’ve done as we are.